Hello, hello! Welcome to Scones & Patron, my little corner of the internet in which I share my passions for baking, tequila, and more.

My name is Jess Peterson and I am a 2015 graduate of the University of Virginia (GO HOOS!) living in Washington, DC. I’ve loved baking ever since I was young, but during college, it turned from a pastime into an obsession (in a good way!). I spent many days and nights in my tiny apartment kitchen, trying out new combinations and developing delicious treats to bring to my friends.

I still use these cat potholders…

In September 2014, I begged the owner of Charlottesville’s Paradox Pastry to give me a job in her beautiful, whimsical French bakery. After talking for about ten minutes, she told me I would fit in well and offered me a job. I started a few days later (on my 21st birthday, actually!) and immediately fell in love with my coworkers, customers, and work. Seriously, guys – I was working 40 hour weeks during my senior year of college and wanted more. It was an incredibly difficult year for me in many ways, but every time I walked into Paradox I was the happiest girl on Earth. Whether I was serving customers, rolling pie dough, or doing dishes, I never stopped smiling. I knew then that my ultimate goal was to open a bakery of my own.

Last day at Paradox! Don’t be fooled – Vinny loves me…

Now, those dreams are still very distant – I currently work in IT Security Consulting – but this is my first step on that road! I hope you enjoy what you see and read, and if you ever have any questions or comments or just want to holla at yo girl, feel free to reach out via Facebook or email! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Lots of love,


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