Harvest Sweet Potato Noodle Salad

Vitamin A- and fiber-rich sweet potatoes replace traditional pasta in this healthy, summery salad. Baby spinach, scallions, and dried cranberries add color and nutrition, while walnuts provide crunch and Omega 3’s, and creamy feta adds tang. A drizzle of reduced balsamic ties everything together to make a healthy, easy meal for one that can easily be scaled up to feed a crowd!


I’ve been feelin’ a little off this week, guys. Thanks to a combination of work kicking into high gear, endless rain, limited time to spend with my friends and family, and the reappearance of someone from my past I really thought I would never see again, my mind has been all over the place.

To get back on track, I started with my usual favorites – yoga, lifting, baking, listening to ‘Too Good’ (BEST SONG ON VIEWS) on repeat, wondering when Drake will marry me, researching how to come back as Bad Gal RiRi in my next life, you know, your usual suspects.

Where was this song in November 2015 when I needed it most?!

However, Tuesday night rolled around and I was still struggling hard. So, I turned to my friend Jeremy, who is the best person ever and essentially the ‘big brother’ to my roommates and I. His response to a 1 AM text begging for life advice was that he would be glad to help out – for a small fee.

There was no price I wasn’t willing to pay – and, luckily, this price was right up my alley.

You see, Jeremy and his roommate Bobby had been invited to an open-bar club opening near the White House, and wanted some female accompaniment. I looked myself up and down, realized thatam female, and could absolutely get down with some tequila sodas on a Wednesday night. COUNT ME IN.

Bobby, me, and Jeremy; Mission: Open Bar

I raced home to change and throw together a quick dinner to hold me over through the night (and the tequila), and this sweet potato noodle salad is what I came up with! Quick and easy enough to throw together before my Uber showed up, light enough that I wouldn’t feel bloated in my dress, and packed with fiber and nutrients to stave off a hangover the next morning. Plus, I could break out the spiralizer I just bought!

win win

Harvest Sweet Potato Noodle Salad


To make this salad (to feed 1), you will need:
– 1 sweet potato
– 1 scallion
– 1 cup baby spinach
– 1 T feta cheese
– 1/8 cup dried cranberries
– 1 T walnuts, crushed
– Balsamic reduction, as needed


First, you’ll spiralize your sweet potato to create these fun noodles! Leaving the skin on (nutrients!!), cut your sweet potato in half, and cut the ends off. Working with one half at a time, you’ll work your potato through the blade (which is a serious arm workout!). Once you’re done, you’ll be left with this fun pile of curly swoodles!


Next up, add your spinach to a large saucepan with some water, and cook over high heat until the spinach wilts. Drain off the water, and transfer the spinach to a separate bowl.

Turn the heat under the saucepan down to medium-high, and add some more water. Toss the swoodles into the pan, and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the swoodles have softened to the texture you would like. This is a great way to get your sweet potato fill without waiting an hour for them to cook in the oven!


While your swoodles are cooking, chop your scallion into small pieces. Finally, you’ll pile your swoodles into a bowl and top them with the spinach, scallion, walnuts, cranberries, and feta. Drizzle with balsamic reduction, add any spices you please (black pepper and garlic for me!), and you’re all set! How’s that for an easy dinner?


And, the first rule of open bars – pregame with wine 😉

I had an amazing time, even though I might have scared some people when ‘Too Good’ came on in the club and I jumped straight onto the bar proclaiming “OH MA GAWD IT’S MY SONGGGGG.” Because tequila soda. And Crown Royal Apple. Don’t be a Judgmental Judy!! It was free!!!!

Thank you Jeremy and Bobby for taking me out, and THANK YOU DRAKE for being an overall perfect human being!




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  1. great way to eat sweet potato noodles!!! YUM!


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